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Home Technology

Architect & Service Manager

Thinking about building, buying, or renovating?

Now’s the time to plan ahead so that it’s easy to manage your TVs, sound system, lighting, climate control, security, and more.

Our Process

We start by discussing your needs, laying out what’s possible (with all the pros and cons), and getting a sense of your budget. 

Once your plan is defined, we oversee all aspects of its execution. We find the right integrator and coordinate all their work.  Think of us as the general contractor for the tech portion of your new home. We bring everyone together — integrator, builder, architect, electrician, carpenter, etc. — so you don’t have to.

Always There For You

After we coordinate the technology implementation in your home, we own the experience forever going forward, providing quick remote support, priority in-home service, and keeping it up-to-date with proactive maintenance.  

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