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OneVision Technology

From the Founder

I've managed technology for the most discerning families in Boston for the past 20 years.​  In 2008, I founded OneVision to build a career around the art of high quality service and support.


Since then I've learned to appreciate unspoken requests, be silently effective, and most importantly how not to take anything personally in the name of looking out for the client's best interest.

To this day, I hand-pick and train our tight-knit team of technology managers.  I hope you'll join our family of clients and experience what it's like to have your technology managed by OneVision.

-Joseph Kolchinsky

Meet the Team

Keith Diehl

Dennis McCarthy

Michael, Natalie.jpg

Natalie Michael

Nelson Perez

Dennis, Keith, Natalie and Nelson make the up the OneVision Technology member services team.  They are knowledgeable about and cross-trained in a variety of disciplines from iPhones/computers to smart homes and remotes.  They have an innate ability to understand our clients' unspoken requests and always focus on getting things done right the first time.  They have limitless patience to help teach, persistence to figure out problems, and the tenacity to "get it right".

In short, we're here for you.  Anything and everything related to technology, we'll take responsibility and own the outcome.

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