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for the modern life

Since 2008, OneVision has established its reputation as Boston’s go-to Technology Manager for families who value an immediate response, incredible service, and deep expertise for their technology needs.

OneVision makes it easy.


Tech. Simplified.

Think of all the technology in your life...phones, tablets, sound systems, laptops, watches, smart lighting, shades, TVs, wireless networks, cameras, security, and the entirety of your smart home. 

You expect all this technology to work together - seamlessly, intuitively, and reliably. But that’s not always the case.

OneVision makes it easy. 

We start with a comprehensive technology review, evaluating every aspect of tech in your life, making recommendations, and ensuring you have a stable suite of systems going forward.


We have years of experience working with a discerning client base to make their technology experiences effortless.

Consider Us Your Personal Technology Director.

We’ll free you from the hassles of managing technology so you can spend more time on the other things that really matter in your life.

Sampling of services include:

  • Purchase recommendations 

  • Managing design & installation of integrated systems (lights, audio, video, HVAC, etc.) 

  • Running backups, updates, and syncs

  • Configuring, repairing, and replacing devices

  • Proactively managing and recommending technology improvements

[and more]

OneVision ensures your technology stays personal.

Confidentiality is paramount to our business and it’s why we have established ourselves in Boston as a trusted provider for over a decade.


Anywhere. Anytime.

Your iPhone’s shattered. 
Your wireless printer doesn’t work. 
You can’t get a movie to play.

No matter what your tech problem, we’ll handle it wherever you are, whenever you need us. With OneVision, your peace of mind will always be our top priority.

We respond promptly to any outreach via phone or email, any time of day, any day of the year.

If you’re traveling internationally and lose your phone, we’ll get a new one to you with all of your backup data already preloaded. If you’re binge-watching Game Of Thrones at 3am and the audio stops working, we’ll get you back up and running.

We manage and support anything technology-related in your family's life.

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